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Updated July 20, 2016

Coming soon:

We are setting up a safe file transfer system through Sharefile which will
allow you to send us sensitive information through a secure encryption
server.  Once we are online, we urge you to use this option rather than
sending this information directly through email.

Additionally, we are going to have a method for you to send us signed
documents, such as your e-file Signature Authorization Forms, in order to
safely, securely, quickly, and easily send us the information required for
us to promptly file your returns electronically.  Keep an eye out for that!

For information, call us!

Business Extensions

It is the policy of Feher, Hoover & Feher, CPAs, P.C. to avoid putting
business returns on extension wherever possible.  For most small
businesses, the books may be closed with the arrival of the December
bank statement and its reconciliation.  If we prepare your business
returns, we would ask that you send us your business information as soon
as possible, which for many will be the second or third week of January.  It
is never “too early” to send us filing information.

New Businesses

On more than one occasion last year, a new business return was filed late
because we were not made aware of the creation of a new filing entity.  If
you began a new business or changed your business' filing status (e.g.,
formed a corporation to carry out your Schedule C trade or business
activity), please let us know as soon as possible in order to avoid missing
a filing deadline because we did not know of the change.  We would ask
that you provide us with certain documentation including, but not
necessarily limited to, any new partnership agreements and amendments,
the articles of incorporation for any new corporations, a copy of the
business' S-Corp election, if applicable, and a copy of the business'
application for a federal ID number, and the IRS response assigning an ID
number to your new business.

Individual Filers

For individual returns, if you have your organizer completed and returned
to us, with 1099’s and W-2’s attached, by March 15th, you should be able
to file on time without extensions.  If you sold stocks or redeemed bonds
during 2013, be sure to include the basis (cost) of all securities sold
during the year.  The most frequent cause for filing delays is due to a lack
of basis information for securities sold.

Look for updates here as we get closer to filing season.

We will typically file extension requests for any individual returns we
previously prepared and for which we have no information as of the filing
deadline.  In order to file an accurate extension request, we request you
please contact us with information regarding any federal and state tax
withholding or estimates paid on your behalf during the tax year in
question.  It is important to remember, an extension of time to file your tax
return is NOT an extension of time to pay tax.  If you will owe tax with your
return, the payment is due April 15, regardless of whether you are filing
your return on time.  Please call if you have any questions.
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